Homeopathic Medicine

Choosing to work with a homeopathic practitioner is an opportunity to improve your relationship to yourself by seeking out, celebrating and integrating your body, mind and spirit.

The three words most used in the mainstream press to describe homeopathic medicine are complementaryalternative and preventive.

Complementary because it is not an approach “instead” of conventional American medicine, but one that can compliment the basic health needs that are being met by your medical doctor, acupuncturist, chiropractor or other health care practitioner. Or it can give you a place to turn when you feel that western medicine isn’t offering you the options you seek. Homeopaths are trained in the art and science of diagnosis and how to deeply listen to the wisdom of their patients.

Alternative because the medicines we use are non-toxic. Homeopathic’s are a natural, less invasive way to stimulate the body to heal itself. An homeopath knows that one cannot heal in body alone; the state of the spirit and the mind play equally important roles in influencing health and must be nurtured along with the body.

And preventive because you may choose to see a homeopath even when you are feeling well but want to avoid the ear or sinus infections of the winter, the allergies of the spring, or the PMS of mid-month. Working with an homeopath is a great way to get a baseline on your health and proactively work to avoid the pitfalls of your family history or your personal tendencies.


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